Susie Mioni
Yoga Teacher

I began yoga in 2002, once a week for purely physical reasons; to help correct body alignment and relieve back pain that had been a recurring issue since my teen years. However, I soon realised the benefits of yoga to be far reaching; my general well-being improved, I felt more comfortable with myself and I slept better. I began to feel toned and massaged inside and out.

A busy job and a busy family meant there was very little spare time so my weekly yoga class became my sanctuary.

Over the next 5 years I went religiously, and am grateful to Jacqui and Shimon who taught me so well and fostered my love of yoga. Most importantly, my mind and spirit are continually being refreshed and nurtured and my body is in great physical condition as I continue my yoga journey, hopefully for many years ahead.


– My first teacher training, in 2008, was based on the Iyengar style.
– In 2014, I completed Level 1 (200 hr) Byron Yoga Centre training focused on the Purna style.
– In 2016, I completed a Level 1 (50 hr) Yin Yoga course
– In 2019, I completed a Level 2 (50 hr) Yin Yoga course

I have completed numerous other courses and workshops such as:
– Falls Prevention
– Yoga for Seniors
– Nicky Knoff Workshops
– Introduction to Meditation

– To appreciate stillness, to find contentment in the small things and to be grateful every day
– I am comfortable in my own skin
– It’s healthy and OK to put yourself first
– It’s not about the pose as such, it’s about the attitude, the desire to improve & stay healthy, to accept that your body changes as you get older
– It’s good to listen to your intuition; to act on the wisdom that is inherently in you