As human beings we are a complex mix of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; all entwined and all contributing to our well-being. Yoga addresses all these facets and helps to keep us in great physical shape. It also sharpens our mind and allows us to journey inward in order to nurture our soul.

Yoga is about self-reflection, sensory awareness, mindfulness and connection to others. Yoga is a wonderful thing to do for anyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

I provide Yoga classes to suit you. AND NOW THEY ARE ONLINE

Before/after work or at lunchtime

One to one or a small group up to 4 people. This can be at your place/my place or at a studio in Camberwell

I am a registered teacher; Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT)

I can help you organise a retreat. I can assist with catering as well as provide the yoga and meditation classes.

Registered with:
Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT)

Yoga Australia