Thanks to all the gorgeous people who joined us at Continental House; what a fabulous venue and environment, for this tranquil weekend! We were so happy with the positive, vibrant energy that was generated over the weekend and really appreciated your commitment  to embracing all that was on offer. It was indeed a great weekend away, in fact, many of you have told me that you didn’t want the retreat to end.

I hope the retreat gave you an opportunity to refresh and reset. You  may also have experienced some growth in your self awareness & ‘sparked your consciousness’ and perhaps are better able to manage your inner critic.

MISO NOODLE AND EGG SOUP (one of the favourite meals) This is something I make for a winter breakfast.

The basics are:

about a desert to tablespoon of red miso paste (I like the Organic Miso, Hikari brand)

any amount of water to suit (enough to cover noodles and egg)

1 egg

handful of rice noodles (or any sort of noodle you prefer)

spinach (+ any other of your favourite veg)

Put miso paste and water into a small saucepan, heat gently and stir until simmering. Add noodles. Cook for about 2 minutes (depending on type of noodles).

Add spinach and other veg, crack in the egg and cook for about 3 minutes, maybe more if you like the yolk to be more firm.

Turn off heat, allow to sit for about a minute then pour into a large bowl and enjoy.


Thank you so much to Fonda who provided a gift voucher for a lucky prize and to Wilderbean who provided some wonderful chick peas pasta to make a delicious meal and as a prize.